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Allow me to give you a little advice about writing fiction. First, make your characters believable. Make sure that they behave and talk as individuals. In real life, everyone is unique. If all your characters speak the same way and react to things in the same way, you’ll lose your readers from the start.
Once your readers believe in your characters, you must get them to care.Each reader must be able to identify with at least one character, to almost become that character in his or her mind. You can do this by developing characters with genuine human traits, both good and bad. The individuals who populate your story should have human strengths and weaknesses.
Now it’s time to weave your tale, to create a plot. Your readers are part of the story now; they are involved.One last thing. Your story must touch the readers’ emotions. If you can make them laugh and cry along with your characters, you will be a successful writer.
 1. For discussion: Think of a favorite book, movie, or television program. Give examples of how the author or writers followed any of the rules presented in this essay.
2. Solve the crossword puzzle. Every word in the puzzle can be found inthe essay.

Across2. To put oneself in another's place-identify
4. Qualities; properties- traits
7. Not fake-
8. Permit- allow
10. Being a part of-involved
12. Live in-
14. Feelings-emotions | Down1. Different from all others-unique
3. Made up but realistic-viction
5. Building-
6. Make; fashion
9. Act
11. Events that make a story-plot
13. Story-tale |

Use the context of the paragraphs to determine the meanings of the highlighted words.
We walked slowly down the trail with great trepidation. No one who had gone this way had ever been heard from again. Had they simply found a better place to settle on this dark planet? We doubted that.
1. Which word is a synonym of “trepidation”?
a. movement
b. worry
c. enjoyment
d. laughter
 Only anhour or so had passed before a tremendous roar shook the ground. At that very moment, a strange grey creature materialized before our eyes. It resembled a lizard in shape. It was about ten feet high at the shoulders and at least fifty feet long.
2. What did the creature do?
a. It whipped its tail back and forth.
b. It stamped its feet.
c. It showed its sharp teeth.
d. It appeared.
 Kathywas looking for a strong but light material to use for making her water jugs. Unfortunately, she chose noodelite. It proved to too porous to hold jelly.
3. A porous material _____.
a. is good for holding things that you pour
b. protects you in pouring rain
c. allows liquids to flow through it
d. is necessary for making bowling balls
 We have rather lofty expectations for you, son. You willattend college. You will become rich and famous. You will be elected president of the United States before you turn forty.
4. Which word is a synonym of “lofty”?
a. high
b. shaky
c. small
d. lowly
Sometimes someone will try to tell you something without coming right out and saying it. He will imply it. When you understand what is implied, you infer. Sometimes you can infer thetruth even when the speaker or writer isn’t trying to be helpful. That’s called “reading between the lines.”
See if you can infer an impled or hidden message in each of the following selections.
 Turner almost wished that he hadn’t listened to the radio. He went to the closet and grabbed his umbrella. He would feel silly carrying it to the bus stop on such a sunny morning.
1. Which probablyhappened?
a. Turner realized that he had an unnatural fear of falling radio parts.
b. Turner had promised himself to do something silly that morning.
c. Turner had heard a weather forecast that predicted rain.
d. Turner planned to trade his umbrella for a bus ride.
“Larry, as your boss, I must say it’s been very interesting working with you,” Miss Valdez said. “However, it seems that our...
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