Resumen c. sociales primera guerra mundial

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Resumen sociales W.W.1

Causes of W.W.1

Long Term Causes

1) Imperialism:

- Direct consequence of industrial revolution.

- European industrialized countries took control of territoriesin Africa, Asia and America that would increase their economic and political power.

- Each country wanted to be the most powerful and respected.

2) Nationalism:

- Each country was looking forits own growth of power.

- This brought tension among European countries.

3) Arms race, militarism and armed force:

- Industrial revolution gave advances to create more powerful anddestructive weapons.

- Competitions for having the more modern and powerful weapons.

- Each country had their war plan.

- The largest army was the Russian.

- As armies grew, so did the influence ofmilitary leaders.
- Spend huge amount of money in military and naval investments.
4) System of Alliances

- Alliance: agreement between countries to support each other in case of war.


1) Germany, Austro Hungarian Empire and Italy: Central Power.

2) France, Russia, Great Brittan: Triple Entente.

Consequences: Europe divided into 2 antagonist groups. Any problem wouldmean war.

Short Term Causes

Francis Ferdinand the heir of the A.H throne was killed by a Serbian terrorist.

Consequences of the assassination.

- A.H gave Serbia an ultimatum. Serbiarefused.

- A.H declares war on Serbia.

- Russia called for a full mobilization along the frontiers of Germany and A.H.

- Germany warned Russia to stop mobilization.

- Russia refused and Germanydeclared war on them.

- Germany had a plan to finish war quickly; it was the von Schlieffen plan (avoid a war in 2 frontiers, defeat France first and then attack Russia.)

- Germany send andultimatum demanding the right to pass to Belgium (neutral country protected by G. Brittany).

- G. Brittany declared war on Germany.

Main Characteristics of W.W.1

- Europeans went with enthusiasm...
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