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  • Publicado : 11 de mayo de 2010
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Ángela Johnson
Bobby was thinking about how things have been changing, while he was looking Feather’s face. He believes, people must life background and do the first part last. Some time ago hewas a skipper and running sixteen’s boy; just like his buddies, K-Boy and J.L. Now he hasn’t been able to put her in her bed at night, which used to be his.
When he realizes his girlfriend Nia waspregnant, he told it to his parents. Fred and Mary started to grumble about how they have been talking to him about respect and responsibility. Now that he is the only person up in the city, he justknows that responsibility means, he know feather need him.
Nia´s parents were sitting hand to hand and listen to Bobby talk about Nia´s pregnant. They finish their conversation saying that they weregoing to speak to Bobby’s parents; then Nia started to cry and Bobby said, yes, sir. Now he is holding his baby in the waiting room that he used to sit in. It is the first time the doctor has seenFeather to weigh her.
They were there, sitting in a waiting room, both Nia and Bobby, in their first appointment. The doctor said to Nia he needs to take Nia’s blood pressure and then, send Bobby tothe waiting room. The doctor was bad for him. Now, Bobby is in the hospital, because Feather spent last night there, and he was sitting next to her bed all night long. She was burning up, thethermometer read 104.
The time to speak to K-Boy and J.L. came; Bobby was waiting for them to say anything about Nia’s pregnant. He was most afraid of what they will say than he was about his parents. Hefelts so, because they talked all about birth control; and they were there, asking him what he is going to do with a baby. Now, he is finding the answer at two in the morning, while Feather is screamedor dancing music. He is getting so tired.
Nia started to ate so much. Bobby thought that he wants her more than anything, more than he has ever wanted anything. Now that he is late for the school,...
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