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  • Publicado : 21 de junio de 2010
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La Carlotta sings Margarita

La Carlotta was in her bed taking breakfast and opened her morning letter had no name on it. It was very short. It was a letter from the opera ghost, and it said that if la Carlotta sings margarita again she was going to be sorry and she will never sing again.
La Carlota was very angry; she thought that was a letter from Christine Daae's friends. Shesaid that Christine was going to be really sorry. At six o'clock that evening the dancers were in their dressing room they talked and laughed and put on their red and black dresses for Faust. Meg Giry was scared because her mother told her that the opera ghost was very angry. She believed that something really bad it was going to happen that night. An hour later Monsieur Armand and Monsieur Firminwent into Box 5 and sat down. They were not afraid of ghosts because they don’t believed in ghost; Then Monsieur Armand saw some flowers on the floor by the door of the box. 'Firmin,' he whispered, 'did you put those flowers there?' Monsieur Firmin looked. 'No, I didn't,' he whispered back. 'Did you?' 'Of course not, you fool! He answers, and then the show begins. La Carlotta did not sing for thefirst hour. There were no strange voices in Box 5, and the two directors began to feel happier. Then La Carlotta came out onto the stage, and she began to sing after the first’s word of the song a Co-ack! Came it was the noise of a frog. Then Monsieur Armand and Monsieur Firmin heard a laughed in box 5 it was the opera ghost he said 'Her singing tonight is going to bring down the chandelier!' Thetwo directors looked up at the top of the Opera House. Their faces were white. The famous chandelier, with its thousand lights, broke away from its ropes and crashed down on to the people below. That was a terrible night for the Paris Opera House. One woman was killed by the chandelier, and many people were hurt. The Opera House closed for two weeks. And La Carlotta never sang again

My angel ofmusic

For a week Raoul saw Christine every day. Then one day she disappear Raoul looked everywhere and asked everybody. Where was Christine Daae? But nobody knew. Two days before the Opera House opened again, a letter arrived for Raoul. It was from Christine. She wanted to meet her in the tenth floor of the opera house in an our. When they finally meet there she told him everything about theghost that he lived in a lake under the opera house, that he had a really ugly face and that he wanted to merry Christine. raul was angry he told her that he was going to merry her not the ghost. Christine was afraid because the ghost wanted to kill raul. But they agree to go away together on Saturday after Christine sings margarita once again. They went carefully along a dark passage to somestairs, and then suddenly stopped. There was a man in front of them, a tall man in a long dark coat and a black hat. He turned and looked at them. He told them to take other stairs and they do that who was that man? raul asked is the Persian Christine answered. No one knows his name but i believed that he knows about Erik the opera ghost. On Saturday night, then. After the opera,' Raoul said. 'I'mgoing to take you away, and marry you.' Christine looked up into his face. 'Yes, Raoul.' Then they kissed, there by the door of the Opera House. Their first kiss.

Where is Christine Daae?

On Saturday morning Comte Philippe looked across the breakfast table at his brother. He doesn’t approve the relationship between Christine Daae and his brother the directors now understood about O.G. Theydidn't want any more accidents. Box 5 is free tonight for O.G. Daae is singing Margarita. And here is 20,000 francs. They said Madame Giry can leave the money in Box 5 for him. Is that everything?' Monsieur Armand asked Monsieur Firmin. 'It's a lot of money,' Monsieur Firmin said unhappily. The evening began well. The chandelier was now back in place, with new ropes. All Paris was in the Opera House....
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