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Chapter 9: Locke and DemosthenesSummary
Graff is furious that the computer threw the image of Peter into Ender's game. He is arguing with Major Imbu, who seems to be the computer expert. Graff wantsto know why Ender's brothers picture was shown, and Imbu explains that the mind game is between the child and the computer. The computer must think that it will help Ender to see that picture. Graffpoints out that the photo is a recent one that could not have been taken from any I.F. network and Imbu points out that the mind game program can take information from anywhere. Then Graff wonders whyPeter is so important to Ender and Imbu admits he has no idea—further, he states, the computer does not either since it is making up the program as it goes along. This makes Graff feel slightlybetter, since he is doing the same thing.

Meanwhile, Valentine has not forgotten Ender, even though the family moved to Greensboro. She celebrated his eigth birthday on her own, but what worries her isPeter. He is outwardly normal, but she knows he is still evil inside. What she counts on is that he acts out of nothing but pure self-interest, and there is a certain comfort in that. Valentine knowsPeter will never do anything that is not a calculated move designed to help him. Peter has figured out that Russia is preparing for land war. The Warsaw Pact, which joined the nations together underthe threat of the bugger wars. He realizes that something big is happening in space and that the nations of earth are preparing for its aftermath. Valentine knows that Peter can find peoples fears andmanipulate them and that she can persuade people to do what she wants them to do, and realizes that there is much of Peter in her—they both manipulate in their own ways. He has a plan to take over theworld. As he explains to her, he will gain power, one way or another. It is in his nature to control. With her help he can rule over something worthwhile. They begin to use the nets to communicate...
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