Rethinking recent democratization

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Rethinking Recent Democratization

The article’s main argument is the analysis of the democratic process of some southern European and Latin American countries. It studies and portrays the causesof the democratization of those countries, as well as, the different factors that determined the differences between each countries process.

One can relate this article to the course by stating thatit is a perfect example of how a topic like democracy and its roots should be studied, choosing the right methodology, in order, to better understand and compare the causes and the process ofdemocracy of eastern southern European and Latin American countries. This article uses the comparative politics processes at its best, because it uses the comparisons and the contrasts between thoseprocesses and their nations, to better understand the outcomes of the democratic principles.

The democratic transition process that the article portrays is almost entirely based on the socialist countriesthat found themselves in need of a change. The changed was needed, due to the fact that the socialist world was beaten after the end of the cold war. Those socialist countries began a democraticprocess between 1989 and 1991. The article studies how different factors, such as the military, the mass mobilization and the uncertainty of the process, play an important role during the process. Thearticle shows how southern European countries, were able to begin the process without any military discussion or interference, but with a more thoughtful way, in which the opposition, who was defendingthe democratic principles, was supported by the masses. In some of the cases the previous elite groups were either forced to support the new democratic process, due to the fact that the process wassupported by the masses, or joined and supported the process because they new and believed it was the better option. Indeed, and due to the fact that the process were collectively supported, the...
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