Rethorical analysis- example

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  • Publicado : 15 de noviembre de 2011
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Luis A. Otero Marrero
Prof. Stephanie Matos
INGL 3101- Secc. 067
21 Oct. 2011
The Actisport Commercial: Rhetorical Analysis
“Are you tired of being the clown of your team?” That is how theActisport commercial begins. The Actisport product is basically about special water that can make you be a better sport player in case you are not good with the sport. In the commercial, the message thatis given to the viewers is that if you do not want to be the clown of your own sport team, use this magical formula! Most individuals would probably buy the product, it has a lot of chances of being agreatly sold product with great qualities and excellent results in an individual. Even thought it contains a few errors that make the commercial a little blurry, many critical people agree that theActisport Commercial sells the product at a great scale among customers.
As for the flaws of the commercial, the presentation of the Actisport commercial did have a couple of errors that made thecommercial a little blurry. For a first point, some guidelines were not good at all. A good example of this flaw is during the basketball example: super sport man said that the girl was going to be likeMichael Jackson. Is that even really that possible? At least during the advertisement nothing like that was presented. As for a suggestion, the guidelines should be a little more realistic for nexttime. Critical individuals may notice that super sport man was reading part of his guidelines in the bottle, part of another flaw of the commercial. A human must pay close attention to his eyemovements, something that should not be done while doing a commercial in order to sell a product. It should be less obvious so a viewer does not notice that while watching it. As for a general and littleerror, it was a little hard to understand some actors in terms of pronunciation. It should be practiced next time so they can do a better job. Besides those three basic flaws, they did an excellent job...
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