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this book deals with youngster of 15 years that travels in cruise with his family, where it knows a man and he ask to she if she want itshis girlfriend , after a year he forces it to have sexual relations, He begins to strike to she, and she decides to leaves he´s.

Aftershe finds that her boyfriend drogged and he had VIH she begins to feel bad and the doctor realises tests to him and he says that she has VIH,and them decides to go away to the United States with her uncles to study the university, where she knows friendly and she does not say tothem that she has AIDS by shame.

there is a boy who falls in love with her, but she rejects it by fear to infect it and she never says tohim that she has VIH he knows two friendly pricilia and Christian and says that he has HIV, to them help they it to live a normal life.after several years She becomes to sick and returns to Brazil with her family where they give treatments for her disease in the hospital forseveral days,

When she´s 23 years old, she trains a group of people whit VIH for help themselves to have a normal life and accept tothemselves.

in my opinion she is a great woman because he was very brave when trying to follow his life in normal form and when acceptingherself, and not to drop herself, and when She decide support to the other people even she´s sick gave the little what she had of life.
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