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  • Publicado : 29 de mayo de 2011
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Keep lying
This story begins in Chicago, United States.
An usual family living happily, the father, the mom, two sons, and the sister who was the younger. I have to say that the family had a lot ofmoney.
One day all the family were taking the dinner, and suddenly the bell ringed, the father.. Chris stranded up of the table because he was going to open the door to saw who was outside, but his17 years old daughter Rachel stood up after Chris and she said “I’M GOING, I’M GOING!) And she went to open the door.
It was her boyfriend John, but her parents didn’t know about him.
The dinner wasover and Chris came out to see if everything was all right, and when he opened the door saw Rachel and John kissing, she freaked out, Chris told John that please leaved the house.. And finally heleaved.
Chris told Rachel that he wanted to talk with her, she obviously was angry, they talked for hours, he told her that she was not able to have a boyfriend yet, but he didn’t explained why, shedidn’t agree and dismissed what her dad told her.
When Elizabeth.. the mom, and Chris were going to sleep, he told her that the reason that she didn’t led her to have a boyfriend was because thatboyfriend wasn’t so confinable and he seems like a criminal, and was better to apart him from the family.
The next morning Elizabeth was making breakfast, all the family was sitting on the table ready totake breakfast, but Rachel was missing. Chris went to her bedroom and when he knock the door Rachel take so much time to opened it, she was talking with John, Chris told Rachel that she had to godownstairs and take the breakfast with all the family, but Rachel started screaming that she didn’t wanted to waste time with him, because he was an idiot by kicking out her boyfriend.
Chris toldRachel, “Since when have you been dating that guy?” … she answered “It’s not of your business” and she closed the door on his face.
Chris obviously felt awful, he was like “oh my god my daughter hates...
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