Review love story by erich segal

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Love Story
By Erich Segal

After reading this book called ‘Love Story’, it leaves each a message. The thought of Erich Segal is creative and imaginative. It is seen the beginning of the story:‘What would you say about a twenty five year old girl who died, that she was brilliant and beautiful, that she loved Mozart and Bach, that she loved Beetles and me...’. Those words let us long for readingmore. When you read the title, you think it is boring and it is romantic however, it is such a different plot and it is not fiction at all. Besides it shows you incidents of life: two people who fallin love but their personalities are opposite.
It makes the reader feel all the magic inside the book which in this case it is possibly real and has no relation to a person or situation in the reallife. All the characters have emotions and they are riveted. Each character has a special skill or accomplishment.
The principal characters, first of all, meet Oliver Barrett IV. He is a big Harvardsportsman. Moreover, he is rich and popular so it is easy to guess that he has got a scholarship. In the end, he fell in love with Jenny, the love of his life.
Secondly, meet Jennifer Cavilleri. Sheis a music student. Furthermore, she is smart and kind of beautiful, she is also poor. At the beginning, she works at a library and in the end she works as a teacher.
Then, meet Oliver BarrettIII. He is the father of the main character. As any rich man, he wants to be respectful and known. He is strict too. But he is worried about his son.
Finally, meet Philip Cavilleri. He is the fatherof Jenny. He is sympathetic and a handsome man who cares about anyone.
Oliver and Jenny fell in love when they first met at the library. Oliver saw her wearing bespectacled. At first sight, sheseems clever and realistic and the first nickname she gave him was ‘preppie’. Segal describes them as an usual couple. They argue like all boyfriends and girlfriends do but suddenly Oliver makes it...
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