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  • Publicado : 13 de diciembre de 2011
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The headline of the article taken from "The Guardian" issued in September 2004 is Virtue Can Seriously Damage Your Fun. It is written by Mary Kenny. The author describes latest changings in your lifewhich are due to the (installation of an) anti smoking policy, latest events in the Irish Republic. Reporter discusses pros and cons of smoking.
The article opens with the frase wich are about thefact that there is always someone to force us being good. Then, the writer describe changings connected with the ban on smoking all over the world.
Its remarcable how the aurthor tells us about hispastime in his favourite local pub. until smoking wasnt prohibited it was place full of chats, smiles, storeys, great, unforgettible atmosphere, it was the place full of life. And after ban onsmoking - it is dead, uninteresting quit pub. Althow the air is clear and workers are happier, previous life of that place leave a plesant and positive impresion on the writer.
Further, the aurthor goeson exemplifying benefits which are produced by the work of the government, and introduce the key note of the article: even a really good things and actions has it negative side.
In the end of thearticle it is sad about increasing alcohol consamption and its consequenses, which are even more awful and serious. The writer tries to support his idea compearing consequenses (results) of 2situations when sombody is driving a car after smoking and after drinking alcohol.
To cap it all, I can say that this is very controversial article, it touches lots of problems to discuss, and thats why itis so interesting. As for our coumtry, we haven`t such strickted rules about smoking, althoug in some places it is prohibited. Of course smoking is very dangerous for our health and it kills, but inmy opinion, anyway we should respect every person with his or her disadvantages and it is about a cafe or restraurante - make foe example two differant areas for both category of people -smoking and...
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