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The old man indiscreet

I went on vacation with my family and one day we all went to a store. As the site was too small to great heat, a cousin and I sat on abench that was out of place, where we also had an old man. Suddenly we saw an attractive guy buying things on the premises and started talking about it, we discussedthings like that cute! This as you want!, Among other indiscretions. When the guy came out of the store, my cousin looked at her and almost comes off the dribble. Theman who was with us was the grandfather of the young and told us, is my grandson, if you want to present them. SO GREAT TO BEAR.


Myfriends went to get me home to go for a walk. As they were anxious, I was the first thing I saw in the closet: a spring skirt and a blouse. When we left were thekids on the block playing soccer and asked me to pass the ball. As I did, the neighbor's dog went wild and went straight to me. I wanted to run, terrified, but managedto catch me so crazy pet skirt and lowered me. As it is a big, heavy dog (Labrador) threw me to the floor to tinker. Meanwhile, the neighbors could not stoplaughing.


They rang the bell to go out for recess and my friend and I went to a classroom where microwave ovens to heat lunches. My salad was cold, so Istarted to eat while we waited our turn in line. Suddenly, she started talking nonsense, and I laughed so much that food flew out of my mouth. The trouble is ahead ofus was the most handsome boy in the whole school and was peppered with my lunch. I just wanted to sink into the earth.

Article written by Mariana Castaño
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