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Students gossips and more!!!!!!!!!!

Be the first in know

We recommend alout this magazine because}

Everything is true and nut fake for the
Same thing we ask for discretion ………….Steller in school
Sandra fram 3B was surprised stealing in ley
She got in a serious problem
And even the police had to intervenate on
My god it was a escandalo

Old you knew that heribertomorfin last truesday went out to clean the canal and when he got tired he threw the shuffle but he also fall down jejeje…….
A year ago approximately maria de jesus nowin 3B fell down in p.E classand brocke down a feet

Wear beharor
The profesor marco Fabio whant visit idalia ex student to her new midde school in Colima why was this?

Girls and boys from 3A are complainingfar the aven they hare as a classroom

Miss school
Smle Jessica paola y cora where surprised by

The teacher raul daing ancarect thing in
The boys batroom the rest we leave itto your

Attention sexual stocker Rosario from 1B stocks irving from 2B
Last Monday they hold back irving and uriel
For flucking the extraordinary exams now theAre in 2A

Silivia and pichis love

A girl from other warid named yahaira from 1B

Likes ramon from 3A it looks like ramon put san Antonio head down

Heriberto ochoa wants Alicia to gowith him
To the circus but after lots of tries he gave up

Jessica Jessica she is always in escandalos a clase pe san to her told us that at age of the house and she went to live with her boyfrienda year the rest we leave it to your imagination
Teacher Arturo projets
Teacher Arturo started his fatting chickens

Rosa maria went out with gabi from la esperanza but her mamalready knaws

Theres problems wint the daughters of the

Secretary because the mothers of family talk lout of blanca and nadia and they dont lose time asking themselves why is this happening...
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