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  • Publicado : 25 de mayo de 2010
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Official Journal of the World Renewable Energy Network

Professor A. A. M. Sayigh, World Renewable Energy Network - WREN, PO Box 362, Brighton, BN2 1YH, U.K.Associate Editors
Biomass Dr D. Fulford University of Reading, UK Dr N. Qureshi USDA, NCAUR, USA Desalination and Neural Networks Dr S. Kalogirou Cyprus University of Technology, Cyprus EnergyMeteorology Dr J. Boland University of South Australia Australia Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Dr U. Schmidtchen German Hydrogen Association (DWV), Germany Low Energy Architecture Mr I. Guiliani, UK Dr H. B. AwbiUniversity of Reading, UK Photovoltaics Dr L. Kazmerski National Renewable Energy Laboratory, USA Solar Thermal Professor R. E. Critoph University of Warwick, UK Professor P. Eames University of Ulsterat Jordanstown Ireland Professor B. Norton Dublin Institute of Technology Ireland Wave and Marine Dr A. S. Bahaj University of Southampton, UK Dr L. Duckers Coventry University, UK Wind and HybridSystems Professor J. K. Kaldellis Technological Education Institute of Piraeus Greece Dr B. Francois Ecole Centrale de Lille, France Mr C. V. M. Labriola National University of Comahue Argentina Dr D.Lindley OBE FRS, UK Dr S. J. R. Powles Renewable Energy Systems Ltd UK Professor D. T. Swift-Hook UK

Publishing Office: Elsevier Ltd, The Boulevard, Langford Lane, Kidlington, Oxford OX5 1GB, U.K.Renewable Energy has no page charges Publication information: Renewable Energy (ISSN 0960-1481). For 2010, volume 34 (12 issues) is scheduled for publication. Subscription prices are available uponrequest from the Publisher or from the Elsevier Customer Service Department nearest you or from this journal’s website (http://www. Further information is available on thisjournal and other Elsevier products through Elsevier’s website ( Subscriptions are accepted on a prepaid basis only and are entered on a calendar year basis. Issues are sent...