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Marco gave the girl his money. She took it and went into the shop.
Marco waited outside the shop. He looked down the street and the people on the pavement. He looked up the grey sky. A minute passedThen Marco looked into the shop again. The cake was not in the window.
The shop had two doors. The large door opened into the road. A side door opened into a narrow street Marco looked CAREFULLYTHROUGH the window, he girl was going through the side .
Marco left the front of the shop. He ran to the corner and looked down the narrow street.
The girl was running down the street. She wasrunning away from Marco
Marco was not frightened now. He felt angry . stop he shouted
But the girl did not stop. She kept running and marco followed her.
Marco was only a few meters behind. Thegirl ran between two cars and out into the street.
She did not see the police car. It was coming slowly down the narrow street towards her. Suddenly she tripped and fell. The police car stopped infront of her
Marco followed the girl into the street and stopped . he was breathing heavily. The girl was lying on the ground. There was some blood on her arm, but she was not badly hurt. The cake laynext to her. It was broken in pieces.
The girl looked up at marco leave me alone , she said .
Marco stood still. you can keep my cake ,he told her . I don’t want it .
You can have it.
Marcoturned away . then he heard a voice behind him. A policeman was coming towards him.
The policeman believed the girl . he looked at marco in silence . he did not believe marco.
The policeman lookedat the girl and smiled. He turned and walked away down the street

Saturday afternoon
Marco walked for a long time .he lookedinto the windows of the shops. They were full of beautiful things . but marco had no more money .
What can I do now? He thought quickly. The market i can go there. Every city has a market
He left the...
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