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In this work, we’ll talk about proteins, which are basic macromolecules in the constitution of the alive material. In this folder the reader can see the proteins’ classificationaccording to its function such as: Frame proteins, carrier, of defense, contractile, chemical messenger and blooding coagulation factors.

Due to its function and extended structure, the proteins alsocan be classificated as fibrous proteins and globular proteins. Moreover in this work we can that proteins contain C, H, O and N that are the main component of the skin, hair, nails, tendons and bones.Finally, this work will be organized in conceptual mind maps and fluxogrammes, where the reader can see the information more concrete and synthesized.


This workis done with the arm to enlarge and improve our knowledge’s about the proteins, and all of its extensions, taking into account both its functional classification and its structural classification.The exploration of this topic is very important because each concept of this theme is a key tool for the understanding of the human body functioning from of macromolecules called proteins.

With thedevelopment of this work, we want to know really what is a protein. We had seen that in the daily life the proteins are related with the care of the body, but we want to depend of its structure.OBJECTIVES

 General:

To learn everything related with the proteins, exploring all their fields.

 Specific:

*To know the process of the proteins in the human body.
*To understand the importance and the benefits of the proteins.
* To enlarge our knowledges about the topic.


THESIS: Proteins are important in the human body

Argument # 1: Thedigestive enzyme is proteins, the muscle is protein, antibody, hair, nails, are protein finally we are pure protein.

Argument # 2: The proteins provide a good amount of energy, so much so that...
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