Revolution is coming

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To be part of a world in which all that is solid melts into air is a difficult matter. Things in France are not as good as they seem. Economic problems are devastating French working class sinceinequality is growing more and more. In other words, stability is lost, and the need to question the current order and enforce people’s rights is now one of the most important aims among citizens.Supporting ideas as liberty, equality and democracy, many people in France have reasons to be desperate for a change.
Firstly, aristocratic and monarchical classes abuse their power by exploiting andtaking advantage of working classes. The French king, Louis XVI, and his wife, Marie Antoinette, spend a great deal of money on themselves while the rest of the country is suffering hunger. In addition,nobility also occupies a preferential place in society. They live in luxury and pay practically no taxes. On the other hand, poverty and starvation can be seen in almost every street. Many peasants andworkers cannot even buy bread because of its high price. In sum, the gap between rich and poor in France is exceedingly vast.
Among the States General there is also inequity. Two of the three statesare made up of the clergy of Roman Catholic Church and rich nobles. Both groups disagree with recent ideas, which may threaten their status and privileged position in society. The Third state consistsof bankers, factory owners, artisans, merchants, urban workers such as laborers, domestic servants, tradespeople, among others, and peasants, too. This state represents about 97 percent of Frenchpeople. Therefore, it should not be a minority to vote when, in fact, it is a majority that needs to be heard and taken into account.
Supporters of social reform such as Voltaire and Rousseau have astrong influence over French citizens’ beliefs. The former rejects the dogma and the feudal oppression while he supports secular values as well as freedom. Following this thought, workers and peasants...
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