Rey misterio

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  • Publicado : 17 de mayo de 2010
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-Jennifer: hello, rey misterio.
*rey misterio: hello, jenifer .
-Adriana: like to make state.
*rey misterio: in the which fit very good excellent.
Jennifer: few times to makelivestock.
*rey misterio: he livestock eight.
-Adriana: ok, to be fantastic.
*rey misterio: all the time is what I say
Jennifer: but tell mete to be certain which to have two son and vives wichshe in San Diego california
*rey misterio: yes, to be certain and the master much are all the which to have my motivation towards to follow for ward.
-Adriana: you uncle Rey Misterio Sr. he age whoyou to train.
*rey misterio: yes he to go who me to bring until the esenarios and oneself the grateful day with day.
-Jennifer: you first time which to fight in mexico which name to carry by which?no to fight like rey misterio, but dime which fue ese name.
*rey misterio: yes, is by first time to fight in mexico with he name of Colibri who made me to be more large and famous.
-Adriana: in whichyear to gain a psicosis.
*rey misterio: was in he 95 and was when to begin in the ecw and to gain a psicosis was brilliant by which was in filadelfia.
-Jennifer: and how you to feel check?*rey misterio: since well happy to gain and debuteand same time me full of much happiness all that.
-Adriana: but afterward in the year 1999 to lose the mask.
*rey misterio: yes, so is.
-Jennifer:but how succeed in where you to find in that moment.
*rey misterio: was during in match against Konnan, from that moment struggle without mask. but afterward, me the to put in the WWE.
-Adriana:but in the year 2005 receive a news item which a much to them the life noo, whom was the news item less wait in that year tell us.
*rey misterio: since was in the winter and 2005 when to find inthe room of a hotel dead without life to me dear friend Eddy Guerrero apart of that momenttaking the desition of to carry a flag black in me foreleg with the initial of me friend E.G.
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