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1. Please go to the store and pick up a ___ of milk.
a. bag
b. half gallon
c. dozen
d. pound
2. This recipe calls for a ___ of butter.
a. dozenb. tube
c. stick
d. can
3. My cat eats a ___ of tuna every day.
a. can
b. loaf
c. bottle
d. bag
4. I like to drink a ___of mineral water after I exercise.
a. pound
b. stick
c. teaspoon
d. bottle
5. I want to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. But the ___ of peanutbutter is empty.
a. six-pack
b. jar
c. head
d. box
6. I need three ___ of yogurt from the dairy section.
a. tubes
b. pounds
c. containersd. dozens
7. If you want coffee with breakfast, you should buy a ___ of coffee tonight.
a. gallon
b. pound
c. cup
d. quart
8. Iwould like a large, green ___ of lettuce for tonight's salad.
a. head
b. jar
c. can
d. half a cup
9. Would you like a ___ of chocolate or vanilla ice cream?a. half dozen
b. pint
c. bag
d. can
10. Pick up ___ of whole wheat bread at the bakery.
a. half a pound
b. a box
c. a twelve-pakd. a loaf
11. I need ___ eggs for the Easter egg hunt.
a. a gallon
b. a quart of
c. half a dozen
d. a teaspoon of
12. I need a ___ ofground beef to make hamburgers for the picnic.
a. pint
b. box
c. head
d. pound and a half
13. We need a ___ of rice to make our special chicken and rice dish.a. box
b. gallon
c. loaf
d. teaspoon
14. The ___ of toothpaste are located in the health and beauty section of the supermarket.
a. quarts
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