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  • Publicado : 23 de marzo de 2011
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Canadian band Sheriff first released “When I’m With You” in 1983, but it only climbed to #61. The poor showing on the chart hurt the band and they split in 1985.But, in 1988, a DJ in Las Vegas started playing the song again, and many other stations followed suit. Capitol Records was urged to re-release the song and, in Feb.of 1989, the song hit #1 on the Hot 100–four years after the band broke-up. A #1 hit by a defunct band! Two of the original members had already formed a new band,and the other two were prompted to form a new band. This new band was called Alias, and they followed up that hit the following year–with the #2 hit “More Than WordsCan Say.”
In 1973, Canadian Byron MacGregor read an editorial written by fellow Canadian Gordon Sinclair: a commentary about the United States and its successesand generosity to other nations in need, but that they find themselves alone when they, too, suffer from crises. Both versions of this editorial, titled “TheAmericans,” were released as singles, due to popular demand. Each version featured “America the Beautiful” as its background music. Although Gordon Sinclair’s originalversion peaked at #24, Byron’s went all the way to #4 and was certified gold.
Comedy legends Cheech Marin & Tommy Chong have had numerous hit albums, and have charteda few times on the Hot 100, but their “Wedding Album” contained a skit/song called “Earache My Eye”, featuring Cheech as “Alice Bowie” (a combo of Alice Cooper andDavid Bowie) and Chong as his father who pleads with Alice to turn down the loud music. The song climbed all the way to #9 in 1974. Not bad for a comedy act!
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