Rhetorical analysis

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According Eugene V Beresin, children are exposed to violence in many ways, but the main one and the one we should be more concerned about is the violence that is shown on television; This is mainlybecause children watch approximately 28 hours of television a week, besides, the fact of families having a television on every room of the house, makes supervising the programs children watch, evenharder.
The solution for this problem, according to the author, is trying to make parents conscious of this problem, this could be through physicians.

Therefore, psychiatrists, pediatricians andother physicians would have the biggest role in the solution of this problem. They should advice parents to limit the time their children spend in front of the television, plus sitting with theirchildren and analyze carefully the shows they tend to watch, trying to promote an open discussion on what they are watching and explaining to them whether the way characters on television are acting is acorrect one, or not.
Physicians should also try to convince politicians and television producers to beware of what their violent programming to approach television spectators is affecting children'sbehavior in this already full of violence society.

The rhetorical approach of the Beresin in the entire article leaves no room for objections; he uses every weapon at his hand to exemplify how mediais affecting children's behavior. For example, understandable examples are used through the entire explanation; statistics are used in a constant and accurate way, which I think is a very clever way toshow the readers the importance of the problem, this way they may have a clearer idea and a point of comparison.
Nevertheless, the solution the author finds for this over- the- world extendedproblem still remains ambiguous.

The article is full of technical information, statistics and numerical information itself; hence, it is easy to infer that the main method of appeal of this article is...
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