Ricardo arjona

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Ricardo Arjona
Ricardo Arjona was born on January 19, 1964 in Antigua, Guatemala, and moved to Guatemala City for three years of age. His love of music began very early age. At eight years old and could play the guitar and, throughout his studies, he combined the subjects with the music, with better results in the latter than the former. For most, turned out to be a very rebelliouschild. 

His hobby as a teenager was the basketball since the sport was the one practiced in the university and was very good at, but its fate made him a much more successful career. 

The consolidated as a giant in the music world was not an easy for him, in contrast, had to fight hard to get where you are but in the end bore good fruit and is a role model for many people in Guatemala. 

Theirfirst album was "Let me say I love you" produced its 21 years. Then came his album "Jesus: Word not substantive" with the beginning of his success. He emigrated to Mexico where he composed several songs and released the album "Animal Nocturno" which included the popular success of "Women." The success of this album was such that it won several gold records throughout Latin America and USA. 

He iscurrently producing records and the last is "Quinto Piso" which also has a good success right now. 

In short, his journey has taken him to do various deeds and be well appreciated to all places where the concerts come to fill despite the economic crisis. 

His first stories 
In the 1980s, Ricardo Arjona was passing through the corridors of the USAC and the streets of the capital dressed injeans, joking to his friends. The only thing I was not doing well in their studies of advertising. 

22 years ago, Edgar Ricardo Arjona Morales, 20, attended classes in the second semester in the School of Communication Sciences at the University of San Carlos (USAC). 

When you enrolled, was assigned the card 8.41769 million. Group was distinguished by his long hair, 1.92 m tall and because inthe free periods used to take his guitar and sing, mostly, their own songs. Already by that time his friends were listening exclusively Let me say I love you. 

At that time university, 1984-1986, no one believed that boy "skinny" go so far with his music.The only one who sensed what was perhaps the same Arjona, who, as they tell their friends was a man who had great faith and was convinced oftheir artistic talents. "He had clearly defined goals, was persevering and full of conviction," says Norma De Leon, a classmate at the time. 

Ricardo Arjona (standing) shares with his classmates at USAC. 
In 1984 he enrolled at the School of Communication Sciences, who then worked where today the Teachers' Training School for Media Education (EFPEM), to specialize in Advertising. FredyMorales, who was his professor Copywriting in 1986, said that the report notes that course is settled that only accumulated 17 points Arjona area of 60 possible, and therefore had no right to the final exam. "I was thinking more in music and sports in school." 

There was no doubt that his obsession with success in music has absorbed. His colleagues say that often, in free periods or after school,stayed in the lounge or the library, and told them: "Come ... close the door and hear" and then performed his compositions. Let me say I love you, S.O.S. Rescue me, and Jesus will not give no substantive verb were some parts that his colleagues and friends of the U were privileged to listen first. 

The creative capacity of this "story writer", as it is known today, was inexhaustible. So, hisfriends find it easy to bring to mind some songs that were recorded only in the memories of that time student. Samayoa Stuardo letters still evokes the pillow, the love is gone and he composed for the USACE, which was called It's time to be better. Arjona was his custom, after singing, his buddies ask: What do you think?, And many times he answered: "You hear ugly", but they did it in jest. 

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