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Lugar: Abierto
Capacidad: 3000 Personas
Área Total para el Evento: (70 X 40) mts =2800 m²
Sede : Ciudad de México
Fecha: Septiembre 2010

Technical Rider

1. PA System:
PA system should beof adequate size and coverage to supply 110db SPL equally to the venue. The system should be stereo, and should include a compatible subwoofer system. The system should be flown wherever possible. Afront fill should be used, and balconies should be covered with fills and delays where necessary. We prefer a line array system.
The system should be operated with amplifiers, processors and cablesaccording to the instructions from the system's manufacturer.
Preferred systems:

1. Meyer sound MSL/MILO Family with subs
2. EAW KF750/850 with subs
3. d&b Q/C series

2. Mixing console:
Mixingconsole should be with 40 inputs, 8 audio groups, 8 VCA groups, 12 aux sends, 4 band full parametric EQ with sweepable frequency on every band.
Preferred consoles:
1. Midas Heritage 2000/3000, XL3/42. Yamaha PM4000/PM-5D.
3. Soundcraft series 5.
4. Digidesign venue.

3. Stage monitor system:
Monitor mixes will be sent from the foh consoles as follows:
1. Lead Vocals – L (Wireless PSM600Inear ONLY!)
2. Lead Vocals – R (Wireless PSM600 Inear ONLY!)
3. E. GTR (1 Wedge)
4. Backing Vocals (2 Wedges)
5. Bass (1 Wedge/Wireless PSM600)
6. Keyboards (1 Wedge)
7. Drums (XLR To riser)Monitor Wedges:
All of the wedges should be the same 12/15" with 2" horn. Amplifiers and processors as instructed by the manufacturer.
Preferred wedges:
1. d&b MAX/M2
2. EAW SM84
3. NEXO PS-15Please note that shiri uses only Shure in ear monitor system PSM600. No other option for lead monitors will be accepted.

4. Electricity:
We need 5 220V/50Hz points on stage.

5. Outboardgear:
- Digital effect processors:
2 x Yamaha SPX-990/SPX-2000
1 x Lexicon PCM-70/80
1 x TC D2/ Lexicon PCM-42.
- Dynamic processors:
1 x Compressor with De-essing unit (BSS-402)
5 x Compressor...
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