Right brain left brain

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1 .When two people have something which is the same, they have something in common.
2. Another word for the number of people living in a place is population.
3. When you think and give reasonsthat follow rules, you use the science of logic.
4. When you remember a poem or a telephone number, you remember because of memorized.
5. When you see something or someone and know what or who it is,you recognize.
6. When something or someone does not belong with the others, it is an exception.
1. People are right-handed or left-handed of the way the brain works.
2. The brainhas two halves.
3. Each side of the brain controls different things.
Looking for details.
1. Fifty percent of the population is leftـhanded. F
2. The right-side of the brain controls theleft side of the body. T
3. The left side of the brain controls color .F
4. The right side of the brain controls art .T
5. All accountants are right-handed .F
6. When you recognize aface you are using you right brain .T
1 Do you think children should be forced to be rightـhanded?
I think they should not be forced to use the right hand. The child should decide whatthey want.
2 Does the world ‟left” have a negative meaning in your language? Is it bad to be a leftـhanded in your country?
In the old days was considered something of the devil if you wereright-handed. But now it does not matter.

Ask a left-handed person these questions:
Are your parents left-handed?
Yeas, mi dad is left-handed?
Are you left-footed?
Yeas I am left-footed.
When youplay tennis or other sport, are you left-handed or right-handed?
I am left- handed. When you where a child, did people try to make you right-handed?
Yeas mi teachers and my family.
Do you want tobe right-handed?
I would love to be right-handed.
What thing do you find difficult to use?
I find it hard to use scissors and be comfortable at the desk.
Do you think you write slower than a...
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