Rigoberta menchu

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“Rigoberta Menchu, the Advocate of Indians”

Fernando Lobo
March 12th 2010
Mrs. Sandra Lepe
English 10

This paper is entirely my own work. I have done all of the readings, research, notetaking, and writing required to create the final paper. I have given credit to all materials taken from sources and not considered to be common knowledge (as defined in class), and I have used quotationmarks to show every phrase or sentence that I have copied directly. I have not slightly modified any material from sources and presented it as my own. Material that has been paraphrased has beencredited to the proper sources using parenthetical citations. I have not paraphrased or quoted any sources not listed on the Works Cited page of my paper.
The subject of cheating and plagiarism has beenexplained to me in detail. I am fully aware that plagiarism, whether deliberate or accidental, will result in a grade of zero on the final draft portion of this research paper project. I am also fullyaware that having someone else write all or part of this paper for me will also result in a grade of zero. Such a grade would seriously jeopardize my likelihood of passing this English course, which isa graduation requirement. I understand that no second chances will be given.
I will gladly supply any of my sources for checking.

Signed Fernando Lobo

“Rigoberta Menchu, the Advocate ofIndians”
Thesis: Rigoberta Menchu during her life, she has been a very important person for her constant fight against oppression and protection of human rights.
Early life
Born in Guatemala,January 9, 1959
Worked as farmer in her childhood
Her life was full of poverty
Social Reformer at Guatemala
Became involved through Catholic Church
Opposed the influential circles
Father wasaccused form being part of the gerrilla
Was imprisoned
Was tortured
She made a movement for pacific resistance
She denounced the violation of humans rights at Guatemala
Opposed the oppression...
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