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  • Publicado : 12 de enero de 2011
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GE Healthcare

Voluson i

World’s first compact Volume Ultrasound system



The imaging performance of a full-sized Voluson ultrasound system is now available in a powerful 11-pound package.

first of its kind, there’s bound to be skepticism. And, since the Voluson i is the world’s first and only compact volume ultrasound system, we expect the doubters. In fact, evenafter you’ve seen its incredible image quality and volume capabilities, you may still have a hard time believing it.

Think you need a 300-pound system to get high-quality volumetric imaging? Think again. Sure, the first time you see our new Voluson® i, there’ll be some disbelief. That’s natural. When any product is the

Stunning image clarity. Real-time volumetric images. Advanced diagnosticcapabilities online and offline. Workflow efficiencies. Total portability. And that’s just a tiny peek.

Who would think the industry-leading technology of our premium Voluson console system – one of the most trusted systems for women’s healthcare – could be condensed into a portable laptop version? The innovative Voluson i. It’s a big deal.

More ultrasound data. Better informeddecisions. The more you see, the more you know. And that speaks volumes for your diagnostic confidence.

Size isn’t everything.
The compact Voluson i comes loaded – with Volume Ultrasound. Volume Ultrasound, enabled by 3D and 4D technologies, allows you to acquire, navigate, optimize and analyze volumetric images in real-time. Acquire raw volumetric data that can be analyzed in different planesafter your patient leaves. So you reconstruct the exam instead of rescanning the patient. Not to mention, save time. Yours and your patients’. And by integrating Volume Ultrasound with our sophisticated image optimization tools, you clearly see the smallest details from any plane with unprecedented clarity, much like a CT or MR image. Which – surprise, surprise – makes your diagnostic confidence soar.Small wonder.

Volume is.
Excellent 2D Imaging is necessary for superior volume imaging. And the Voluson i will not fall short of your expectations. Complete with Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRI) for improved contrast resolution and border detection and CrossXBeamCRI™ (CRI) for tissue and border differentiation, you no longer have to make the trade-off between size and quality.

SuperiorVolume Ultrasound is what you expect from the Voluson and what you get from the Voluson i. You can acquire volumes faster than ever before and manipulate with Tomographic Ultrasound Imaging (TUI) which provides a simultaneous view of multiple slices of your volume data. The first ever compact ultrasound with true Volume Ultrasound capabilities, the Voluson i is truly a small wonder.

A passionfor innovation. 3000 dedicated employees. The resources of a global leader. It’s amazing what the combination has led to. Then again, maybe it isn’t such a surprise.

Ultrasound is our baby.
When it comes to ultrasound, perhaps we’re a little over the top. But that’s how it is when you’re an impassioned leader. Our commitment to ultrasound is so strong, we created a dedicated business unit – tofocus solely on developing new ultrasound technologies. In a relatively short span, we have produced a continuous stream of breakthroughs that have redefined ultrasound. Redefined the standards for image quality. Accelerated the introduction of new applications. And increased clinical efficiency for users worldwide. This year, with the introduction of miniaturized technology and our Voluson isystem, we’ve made it easier for you to make pivotal patient care decisions anywhere. You’re devoted to providing the best patient care. GE is committed to developing innovative technologies to help you accomplish that. Small world.

3D rendering of fetal feet

Surface rendering of fetus

First trimester triplet gestation

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