Robert frost

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Robert Frost:
“The Road Not Taken”


Number of stanzas: The poem consists of four stanzas.

First Stanza

In the first stanza, the speaker describes his position. He hasbeen out walking the woods and comes to two roads, and he stands looking as far down each one as he can see. He would like to try out both, but doubts he could to that, so therefore hecontinues to look down the roads for a long time trying to make his decision about which road to take.

Second Stanza

The speaker had looked down the first one “to where it bent in theundergrowth,” and in the second stanza, he reports that he decided to take the other path, because it seemed to have less traffic than the first. But then he goes on to say that they actuallywere very similarly worn. The second one that he took seems less traveled, but as he thinks about it, he realizes that they were “really about the same.” Not exactly that same but only “aboutthe same.”

Third Stanza

The third stanza continues with the cogitation about the possible differences between the two roads. He had noticed that the leaves were both fresh fallen onthem both and had not been walked on, but then again claims that maybe he would come back and also walk the first one sometime, but he doubted he would be able to, because in life one thingleads to another and time is short.

Fourth Stanza

The fourth stanza holds the key to the trickiness of the poem. Those who interpret this poem as suggesting non-conformity take the word“difference” to be a positive difference. But there is nothing in the poem that suggests that this difference signals a positive outcome. The speaker could not offer such information, becausehe has not lived the “difference” yet.

.Symbol:  the forked road represents choices in life
Stanza form: consists of four stanzas of five lines.

RHYME: The rhyme scheme is ABAAB.
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