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Robin Hood is a legend and a hero. There are a lot of medieval ballads about Robin Hood’s life and adventures. It is probable that he really lived in Sherwood Forest at the beginning of the l3th century, but we are not sure.
Today there are numerous storics, poems apd films about Robin Hood and bis outlaws. Robin took from the rich and gaye to the poor. Hecreated justice ar a time when there was none. This is why he became a legendary hero.
Robien and his men lived in sherwood forest near the town of Nortinham Today this area is called Nottingham. A Tales
Of Robin Hood Centre opened in Nottingham in 1989
Thousands of tourists visit it every year.


Robin Hood was born near the end of the 12th century.
His real name was Robert.He was the
son of the Earl of Huntingdon.At
that time, Engiand riad many problenms. King
‘S Richard was away on a crusade in the Holy Land. He was away .many years.
His brother, John, became king. He was a cruel and greedy king. His men were arrogant aud brutal. The pooi people of England suffered a lot. They paid very high taxes to King John and his sheriffs. Many families died of hunger!8

One day, the cruel Sheriff of Nottingham killed Robin’s father,
and took away his lands. Young Rohin ost his father, bis borne, his lands and ah his possessions.
He escaped to Sherwood Forest with his loyal servants. They
decided to uve as free men in the forest. They didn’t want to be slavs of King John. However, the King considered thern outlaws.
When Robin and his menreached Sherwood Forest, they sat down to rest. Robin Hood srniled at his loyal servant& Then he said to thern, ‘My friends, Sherwood orest is our new home. Now we are free hut we are outlaws. Evcryone in the kingdorn is againstus¡

‘Master, Wc are not afraid because you are with es,’ said Much,
‘Ycs, 1 will stay with you, but you rnust do what 1 teIl you. We
rnust not becomerobhers. Wc rnust never harrn the poor, the oid,
women and children. Wc must respect and protect them.
‘Wc take only frorn rich merchants, noblemen and fat
churchmeh! Here is rny pian: When ricb travellers come into
Sberwood Forest, Wc invite them to eat with us. Then, they must
for rheir fund - Tbey rn ust give us half of everythin they havu! Wc then give this moncy to the poor. Do youprornise to do what 1 oIl you’
Yes, WC (II): thcy criCd.
Rohin nnd dic outlaws ] ived in caverns in dic forest. The caverns were a perfec hiding place They were

warm ano Urv in tfle winter. In tOe surnrner thev
were cool.
They were happy in the forest.They all wore
green ciothes arid carricd bows and arrows.
Robín had a horn4 to give signais.
Soon, other honest men joined the outlaws ofSherwood Forest: Nat, Will Scarlett and
The outlaws were excelient archers.
Robin Hood became the best archer in the
region. In the forest, Robin and his men
practised with their bows and arrows.


One day Robin carne to a strearn with a srnall bridge- 2 When he hegan to cross it, he heard a loud voice say, ‘1 want to cross the stream first!’ Robín turned around and saw anenorrnous, young man. He was very tau,
‘No, 1 vas first´ answered Robin.
‘Can you push me off the bridge?’ asked the enormous man. He was holding a wooden staff.
Robin cut a long branch4 frorn a tree and made a staff. Then he began to fight on the bridge. Robin was fast and light. But soon,

the enorrnOUs man pushed Robin into the water. He was vcry
Theenormous man laughed. Then he pulled Robin out of the
water. Robin started to laugh tao. ‘You are an honest fighter!’ said
Rohin. ‘What is your narne?’
‘My name is John Little. 1 am an honest man. 1 fought with good
King Richard’s men in the Holy Land. 1 made King Richard’s
sword and the swords of his men. He is a great jung. Rut his
hrother John is cruel and greedy! 1 don’t want to serve...
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