Robinson crusoe

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The story of Robinson Crusoe is about a man that was sailing in a boat with other people, but one day they enter into a storm and Robinson Crusoe appears on an island.

RobinsonCrusoe was a man that his family wants him to stay studying a career of law, but he doesn’t want that, so he decided to take a travel on a ship, it sailed in September 1651.
The voyage was veryawesome, but one day a storm came out and the ship sank, he appeared near Brazil and became an important member of the marine, he also joined to an expedition that was about bringing slaves to Brazil.
Inhis voyage he found a strange island, he didn`t knew anything about that so he started to search humans and any kind of living things, during his stay he learned a lot of this about how to live onlywith things that he find, so he learned to hunt animals and how to ate them, he also built like a kind of house but smaller than this one, he made tools and to built those things he used the parts of hisbroken boat, he learned to grow corns and rice, he dried grapes for the winter and learned to make pottery, he read the Bible and became religious.
One day he knew that other people lived there,they were cannibals so he thought that the next time they appeared he will kill them, but the he thought again and realizes that they were not let him kill them, because they didn’t knew that they weredoing something that was considered wrong, later he found that the cannibals also have slaves, so he decided to recue some of them with the purpose of helping him to rescue the other slaves to tookthem to Brazil. One of them was Friday they became friends and when they rescue the other slaves one of them was Friday’s father, he returned to England he behaved like if he was on the island, becausehe learned to live a different way like the other people.

When Robinson Crusoe thought to kill the cannibals when they appeared again, obviously he didn’t realized at that moment that they didn’t...
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