Robot soldier

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  • Publicado : 22 de noviembre de 2011
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Boston dynamic Americans coop is development PETMAN, a robot soldier that will be used to test the efficient of military clothes against chemicals arms and toxic substances.
The robot has form andsize of a human, it will be able to have free movement like walk, run and even crawl, in addition it will be able to sweat inside of the clothe changing temperature and damp.
Petman include artificialintelligence, one of its characteristics of this the take of its own decisions fir knowing if the soldier in front of the robot is enemy or an companion. All it only to obtain information before anbattle.
Petman only will he use reconnaissance enemy because a robot cannot kill human according with the robotics laws.
Other use from petman is the communication through the internet due to it’sable to connect witch a military base to inform the state of battle or receive information from the soldiers.
Also it is compound of a night vision to reconnaissance al night together with the infraredvision and the camouflage. All this will be able is more important for the humanity due to the word will have less dead in the area the battle as PETMAN is a robot will use only to reconnaissance anddefuse bombs and other robots intelligence that exist or that intent attack when will be in reconnaissance.
| agree | disagree |
walk | | |
run | is fast to reconnaissance in the momentbecause examine all the area with detail | is fast but not necessary because in something moment could be disobery and to escape of attack is slow |
jump | | |
crawl | | |
sweat | | |take out decisions | is more efficient because the robot only for its without a program that manipulate for a person it will know to do | it will be able to disobery the robotics law and attack to thepeople and will create a new society. |
night vision | this is more useful for the expeditions in the night | in someone cases will be able unfamiliar its companions |
infrared vision | this...
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