Robots en el espacio

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  • Publicado : 11 de marzo de 2011
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The use of robots for space research

David Marco

Universitat Jaume I

In this article we will present a research conducted on investigate about thethe utility of robots in the task of spaceresearch.

For this propositionpurpose, firstly we will to see the disadvantages of sending human beings s to explore the space. Where are the advantages???? Secondly, I will refer to the mostrelevant disadvantages, being The most important disadvantage one is that if any error occurs any error, there are human lifes in danger, any human life in danger is worst than any amount of lostmoney. The second most important disadvantage is that the humans are living beings, this is, that they need certain conditions to live, and need supplies occasionally. Finally the humans can not carry outsome tasks so perfectly like a machine.

So the use of robots can solvent the disadvantages of the humans. The major advantages that the machines provides the machines is that they are only alifematerial, if you lost one, it can be replaced with only economic impact and don't need supplies . They can perform dangerous, difficult, repetitive and long tasks for humans and work in inhospitableconditions.

Then, we will see what we need for succesfulsuccessful missions, we need robots that withstand a launch, that operate under difficult environmental conditions often in remote locations,that have weighare as little as possible as any mass is expensive to launch, that use little power and have a long operational life, and that be extremely reliabe reliable and operate autonomously.There are some robots that meet these characteristics, that is the "Rover" robots; this vehicle can move on the surface of other planets carrying scientific meterial, exploring the terrain, orobtaining samples. It is possible because they are maded with a displacement system that allows they tthem o move in certain terrains (i.e., using wheels, or using legs like insects), They can obtain solar...
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