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  • Publicado : 24 de marzo de 2011
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Unsustainable industry is sending us up in smoke
THE FRONT COVER of companies must take the this final edition of the lead by addressing every magazine takes arather aspect of their product’s gloomy view of where we lifecyle. This means are with sustainability in assessing a product’s manufacturing. This carbon footprint from its pessimistic scenario seesinception to its final all our global attempts at disposal, and then cutting carbon and other addressing all the ways in harmful emissions going which that footprint can be up in smoke as we movemeaningfully reduced. beyond the global warming That this seems to be an tipping point. unrealistic expectation However, the evidence serves to underline the presented in our environpessmistic future weface mental Special Report on climate change. The suggests that, while a lot of reality is encapsulated in companies are the auto doing good industry. The things, we are major car still on an companiesshout inexorable very loudly march towards about producing the point of no green vehicles, return. with petrolExamples of electric hybrid green strategies engines, include attempts hyrodgento providesome powered cars and Bob Cervi electricity for lithium-ion Edtior factories by batteries. But, converting gas emissions quite simply, none of these from landfill sites. is on course for massRecycling of products, production, and may never particularly consumer be. Only when we as electricals, and cleaner consumers demand truly hazardous waste disposal sustainable production are being encouragedby will it ever emerge – by European legislation. which time it will probably But sustainable be too late. factories still seem to be a í Readers may be aware that, long way down industry’s fromJanuary, they will be agenda and significant able to receive their levels of recycling remain manufacturing features each a pipe dream. I am not one fortnight instead of every who places much faith in...
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