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Cover …… … 1
Index ……. … 2
Outline …… … 3
I.- Introduction ……. … 4
II.A1. Beginning of Rock-First Times … 5
II.A2. First Representatives … 5
II B1: The Ages of Rock. Art Rock … 6
II B2: The Ages of Rock. Punk Rock … 6-7
II B3: The Ages of Rock. Heavy Metal … 7
II B4: The Ages of Rock. Alternative Rock. … 8
II B5: The Ages of Rock.Indie Rock … 9
II C. Modern Days … 9
III. Conclusion … 10

I. Introduction -Thesis: Since its beginning the rock music has been the most popular music style. This thanks to the ability of rock bands to adapt into societies and mark each generation with a different style.

II. Body. A. Beginning of Rock.
1. - First times.
2. - First representatives.B. The Ages of Rock
1. - Art Rock
2. - Punk
3. - Heavy Metal
4. - Alternative Rock
5. –Indie Rock

C. Modern Days

III. Conclusion. A. Analytical Summary
B. Thesis Reworded
C. Concluding Statement

I. – Introduction – Thesis Statement
Rock music grew out from the black music in the United States in the 1950’s, to understand how and fromwhere it came from I’ll talk about the USA on those years.
In 1955 started non-violent protests led by Martin Luther King defending black people rights, while in 1956 Malcom X became the spokesman for the violent "Nation of Islam". In 1960 Martin Luther King delivered his speech "We shall overcome", inaugurating the era of the civil-right movement.
In 1961 the Soviet Union built a wall toisolate West Berlin and to discourage people from fleeing the Soviet-controlled eastern part of Germany. This was the final division between socialism and capitalism, represented by the US.
USA had many movements on those times, for peace and black right’s, but black communities were still segregated and black music was only locally heard.
The USA was still largely a racially-divided country. Therewas little chance that a black singer could become very popular. When Sun Records in Memphis were founded, the owner Sam Philips made the famous statement: "If I could find a white man who sings with the Negro feel, I'd make a million dollars".
The first songs that are considered were played by disc-jockeys who started experimenting broadcasting black music to white teenagers.
Since itsbeginning the rock music has been the most popular music style. This thanks to the ability of rock bands to adapt into societies and mark each generation with a different style.
Now we will see how Rock and Roll influenced lifestyles, fashion, attitudes, and language throughout all the next decades ahead, and to our times.

II A1. Beginning of Rock. First Times:
There’s a lot of controversy aboutwhich was the first rock and roll song.
Many consider it is Rock around the Clock on 1954, by Bill Hley and the Comets, other say it was earlier with Jackie Brenston's Rocket 88 in 1951.
The first rock'n'roll band was formed in 1952 by a white singer, Bill Haley, who created the Comets. 1952 is also the year in which Bob Horn's "Bandstand" tv program began airing from Philadelphia every weekdayafternoon, and the year in which Alan Freed organized the first rock'n'roll concert, the "Moondog Coronation Ball".
II A2. First Representatives:
In 1995 Chuck Berry, a black musician, had his first recording session. His songs were the first ones to have the guitar as "the" lead instrument, and introduced the descending pentatonic double-stops (the essence of rock guitar. His songs also told astory that teenagers could relate to, that emphasized the generation gap, and hinted at taboo subjects such as adolescent love, notably in School Day (1957) and Sweet Little Sixteen (1958). He began the process of transforming the issues of a young generation into mythology. The riffs of his three masterpieces, Roll Over Beethoven (1956), Rock And Roll Music (1957) and the mythological Johnny B....
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