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  • Publicado : 28 de octubre de 2010
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A Lions Revenge

After a week of hard work Darwin Clarkson was preparing for one of the greatest trips of his life. He was preparing to go to Africa on a hunting trip he wanted to kill a lion.
Hewould take a small plane that would take him all the way to Tanzania. He spent hours on the plane, he was supposed to go with his brother but he had been killed by a lion on a previous trip to Africa.When Darwin arrived in Tanzania he met his guides that would take him to the hunting grounds. The trip would take four hours and he would use this time to prepare and try his weapons on smallinoffensive animals.
The guides had spoken to him previous to the trip and said that this would require a lot of time waiting and standing with no movement. When they arrived to the camp site it was almostdark they could hear the lions and leopards growling during the night.
The next morning they went by foot to begin their hunt, they spent hours waiting to see something. But then the guide toldDarwin
* I think I see something
* Where I can’t see it?
* Right next to the tree you can see his tail.
* Yes! I see it

Darwin got very excited but the guide said
* Hey calm down ifyou move you will scare the lion away
* Sorry I got carried away
Darwin could now see the lion in the bush, he prepared his arch but he did not have a very good angle so he had to wait for thelion to move. When it did he fired and hit him right on the spot.
There was blood everywhere they could hear the lion growling in pain. Darwin was very happy sine this was the lion that had killed hisbrother he had finally gotten revenge against nature that from his point of view was always against him.
When Darwin got back home the whole country adored him for killing the lion that had killedhis brother, his brother was one of Ireland’s best athletes. Since that day more and more people have gone to Africa to hunt but know it is banned and this all thanks to Darwin that killed the lion...
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