Rock n roll

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  • Publicado : 13 de septiembre de 2012
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Was the rock n’ roll a important culture movement and a influence to other future genres of different decades like: heavy metal, punk, hard rock, psychedelic rock, etc…
The rock n’ roll was a cultural movement, that was to the second middle of the 50’s to the first middle of the 60’s, this movement start in a moment when the television in USA was aphenomenon, what permit that the rock n ‘roll converts in the first sample of a full popular culture, documented since his beginning until his ending. Most historians affirm the fact that this genre begin in 1954, year in which the music and the whole world will change. The mode of play and sing attract the young people that find a way to show their unconformity and rebellion about the rules,authority and the whole society. Also the fusion of variety of “black“and “white” genres that make possible the creation of rock n’ roll, allowed the unexpected success of black bands, in the white youth, in a moment when this two races in the US were facing civic and politic problematic.
In between others factors of the great successful of rock, was the creation and selling of objects like: theturntable and the 45 rpm vinyl record, accessible for the common people.
Thanks the great sale of records, induced by this kind of music, the discography labels, managers, and the cinematographic studios, take advantage of this, making of these new music idols, “rock stars” that will convert in the base of the consume in the music market, and also in a synonymous of addictions and eccentricities.Making of the drugs, sex and rock n’ roll all that the young people will want. And of the “rock stars“all they will want to be.
One of the most important influences for rock n’ roll was:
Robert Johnson: (8 of May 1991-16 of august 1938) was a singer, composer and American guitarist of blues considered like the “grandfather of the rock”. Even if he only had made 29 songs he influencedthe first rock n’ musicians and also another artists like
* Bob Dylan
* Jimi Hendrix
* Led Zeppelin
* Rolling Stones
* Queen
* Eric Clapton
* Etc…

He occupied the 5° place in the list of the 100 “biggest guitarist of all time” of the rolling stone magazine.
In the principal first American artists of the 50’s we can found:
Chuck Berry: (Saint Louis,Missouri, 18 of October 1926). One of the most influential artist of the rock n’ roll. According to the rolling stone magazine occupied the 5° place in the list of “the immortals”, is considered like the one who invented the rock n’ roll but it’s impossible to affirm that because any person could be the one who invented it . But he was a really important part of it because he influence rock n’ rollartist of the 50’s like: Ritchie Valens, bill Haley, little Richard and buddy holly. And also a lot of huge artists like John Lennon that had said that:” if we treat to give another name to rock n’ roll, you can name it chuck berry”. Another example of the lot he influenced music is the imitate of his (duck walk) in the stages by angus young of “AC/DC. Who said berry was one of his biggestinfluences. There’s a great list of bands that have play at least one song of him in which we can found between others

* Sex pistols ( Punk band)
* Iron maiden (Heavy metal Band)
* Judas Priest (Heavy Metal)
* Motorhead (Heavy metal Band)
* Elvis Presley
* Jimi Hendrix
* Aerosmth
* The beatles
* Led zeppelin
* The rolling stonesElvis Presley:
(8 of January 1935- 16 of august 1977). Is considered like “ the king of the rock n’ roll” or only “the king” born in tupelo, Missipi and her family move to Memphis Tennessee, her first number one was heartbreak hotel produce by RCA records in January of 1956 he won 3 gammy awards and was nominated to 14 of them. He was a very important icon of the music in the XX century. He impact...