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Three major reasons for companies to server consumers better
If the company fails to meet the needs and desires of their customers will have a very short existence, because he is the realdriver of all company activities
*• The success of a company depends primarily on customer demand. They are the main actors and the most important factor involved in the game of business.
*• If notgiven good service to consumers, this will go to the competition.
What’s Consumer Behavior?
Are actions, processes and social relations sustained by individuals, groups and organizations for thecollection, use and experience consistent with products, services and other resources
Consumer value chain
Is a theoretical model to describe the development of an organization's activities generatingvalue to the final customer

The value chain helps to determine the activities that will build competitive advantage
The model of the value chain identifies five primary activities:

*Internal Logistics: includes operations of receiving, storing and distribution of commodities.
* Operations (production): processing of raw materials for conversion into the final product.
*External Logistics: storage of finished products and consumer product distribution.
* Marketing and Sales activities with which we explain the product.
* Service: After-sales or maintenancecomprises activities to maintain, enhance product value through the application of safeguards.
The elements of Consumer analysis
In general what are the elements of psychology, sociology, socialanthropology and economics.
There are also other elements such as demographics, psychographics (lifestyle), personality, motivation, knowledge, Attitudes, Beliefs, and feelings. Consumer Behaviour ConcernNeed consumer with consumer actions in the direction of satisfying leads to historical Behaviour Needs of Every individuals depend on thinking
What’s affect and cognition?
Any type of a...
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