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Introduction and history for Puerto Peñasco 2

Puerto Peñasco’s Politics 4

Economy 5
- Industry
- Trade
- Fishing
- Tourism

Infraestructure 7
- Health 7
- Education 7
- Sewerage 7
- Electrification 7
- Ways and means of communication 7
- Airport 7
- Restaurants 8
-Hotels 9

Recreation Places 11
- Puerto Peñasco’s beaches 11
- El Pinacate 13
- CEDO 14
- Aquarium 15
- The Jetty 15
- The lookout 16

Other Information 17
Flora 17
Fauna 18
Features and land uses 19
Annual festivities 20

Conclusions 22

Picture of Team 23

Bibliography 24


Puerto Peñasco is a newly discovered paradise.
Locate inSonora. This locality bordered on the north by the municipality General Plutarco Elías Calles, to the northwest by San Luis Rio Colorado, to the Southeast by Caborca and your south limit is California’s gulf.

It all started for Puerto Peñasco the 20's when a U.S. citizen, John Richardson built the first hotel in place. This hotel was named “La Roca”.

The ban on alcoholic beverages in theUnited States that led Thomas Childs and Al Capone who were partners, put contraband whiskey, wine, beer, and so on. As a result, they and some Mexicans formed the first nucleus of population in the place.

More Mexican citizens followed and built houses-business on the west side of the point. During the 30’s and 40’s Peñasco grew up. Boats started showing up in the harbor and a small “fishingtown” was formed.
1939 saw a visit by Mexico’s president Cardenas, who declared the area strategic and pushed through a railroad link to Mexicali in 1940 an additional harbor dock projects.

The U.S. government “secured” Puerto Peñasco’s harbor as a Joint Contingency Plan for part of its pacific naval fleet. The agreement included the U.S. military building a military dock area in the harbor and a 65miles paved highway from Lukeville, Az. to Puerto Peñasco.

1940’s & 1950’s were a time that New Peñasco grew up, bringing the building of churches, elementary schools, shipyards, stores, restaurants, etc.

In 1952 the Mexican government recognized Puerto Peñasco as a city, and a government was established. The government appointed Victor Estrella Bustamante (one of the town’s originalfisherman & founders).

In 1965 the price of shrimp rose worldwide, and hundreds of commercial fishermen and boats from throughout Mexico poured into Peñasco. Suddenly the town had become the center of Mexico fishing fleet.

1969 saw the city’s 1st. High School completed, and in 1971 it’s only radio station XEQC (Queen of the Sea) and broadcasts to this day AM 1390.

Mexico’s federal governmentbegan massive development projects in the coming years including the 1974 city wells, pumps, water pipeline project bringing water in from the natural underground springs 40 miles of town.

1975 brought the completion of water lines to the city and the public sewer system. The year also saw a massive harbor project with more concrte docks, pier work and dredging of the harbor’s bottom.

In 1979,the city’s Diesel Electricity Generator Plant was closed and Peñasco was hooked up to the National Electric System.

1979 also ushered in the paving of the main boulevard, and the building of new police, fire and community hospital facilities.

1960’s- 1970’s early 1980’s were a time of huge financial fortunes made and squandered in Peñasco from fishing and supplying the fleet. The city wasSonora’s 4th most important. Massive homes were built around the areas that survive in various states of repair ownership to this day.

By the mid 1980’s the area’s shrimp and commercial fish had been fished out and Peñasco’s fishing fleet homeowners faced sudden bankruptcy. Loans, mortgages, account payments were being “called” and hundreds of people left town, lost homes and business....