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  • Publicado : 9 de septiembre de 2012
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We all need other people to develop fully. Precisely, personal development depends largely on the relationship that each set with their peers rather than material goods that may accumulate.Therefore, we must cultivate true values, which are those that improve coexistence, such as love, trust, tolerance, cooperation, solidarity and justice.
The customs are behavior to which we are accustomed.Some are quite personal but others have a social and cultural nature, because they are shared by almost all members of society and are passed from person to person, from generation to generation.However, not all customs are good, since some hamper relations with others. We should reflect on this and take only those which helps to support togetherness and personal development.
In the short story“A Rose for Emily” it is evident that the town behavior did not favor, at all, the various disorders that the protagonist suffered throughout the story.
Gossip by neighbors, instead of alleviatingloneliness, deepened the problem. It is present in different areas of human life, such as family; it is well known that the family (home) is always where the character of everyone is forged, here iswhere you learn everything you reflect in society. It also occurs in the workplace because of the stressful environment; most of these bad-coexistence attitudes are caused by psychological problems thateverybody has due to everyday pressure.
Paradoxically, in the religious, many doctrines use this weapon as the main manipulator of believers.
There are different degrees of damage that gossip cancause. True or not, who hears what is said is still broadcasting the message and it ends totally distorted. The Clinton-Lewinsky case (a political sexual scandal from a relationship between UnitedStates President, Bill Clinton, and a 22 year old White House intern, Monica Lewinsky), is a good example of how gossip can be the beginning of catastrophic consequences for the world.
With gossip...
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