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  • Publicado : 28 de septiembre de 2010
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Introduction – Miss Strangeworth is a well-respected person in town, and she lives on Pleasant Street. Her grandfather built the first house in town, and she has been living in it for herwhole life. She has never leave the town and she nourished her roses just her mother and grandmother did.
Initiating Incidents – When Miss Strangeworth is shopping at Mr. Lewis’ grocery store, she sawMrs. Harper coming in with a pale face and she warned her to take care of herself. When Miss Strangeworth was heading home, she saw Don and Helen Crane with their new born baby. The couple seems to bestressing about how slow their baby is making progress to learn.
Rising Actions – When Miss Strangeworth went back to her house, she started to write warning letters to Mrs. Harper, Mrs. Foster andthe Crane couples about “gossips” and their new born baby. The letters are completely based on assumptions and are written anonymously. And then she exposed that she had been writing this kind ofletters to different people for a long time for the purpose of keeping the town peaceful. Miss Strangeworth goes to the post office to mail her letters at dusk when there are not too many people around andthe office is closed for the day. There were only the young people around the post office, and one of the couple is Linda and Dave, but they were arguing again.
Climax – Miss Strangeworth sighedabout the evilness that is lurking around in this peaceful little town, while she put her mails into the slot, one of her mails dropped out of the slot. The Harris boy picked up the letter and called outto Miss Strangeworth, but she did not hear it.
Falling Action – Harris boy gave the letter to Don and Helen Crane, and told them it was from Miss Strangeworth.
Resolution – Miss Strangeworth woke upthe next morning, she found out that her anonymous letter for Don and Helen Crane is returned to her. But on the letter there is an extra line of words that says “LOOK OUT AT WHAT USED TO BE YOUR...
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