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TESOL Articles: The Role of the teacher | |
|If only the role of a teacher was as easy as being a ‘medium through which students learn’. In today’s day and age, no matter |
|what country the roletakes place in, a teacher is so much more than a resource for information. When I was young, I wanted to |
|be a teacher when I grew up, simply because I wanted to write on the chalkboard! Myteachers seemed to be the greatest |
|printers, curving their letters just so, and I wanted to do it also! Now, after ‘higher education’, and three different career |
|paths, I have come back towanting to be a teacher, but my reasons have changed. I was fortunate in my years of high school, to|
|have teachers that really cared about me as an individual, and I want to give this back. This iswhere the difference between |
|‘teaching’ and ‘being a teacher’ comes into play. |
|Teaching, according to MerriamWebster’s online dictionary is defined as: 1 to cause to know something; 2 to guide the studies |
|of; 3 to impart the knowledge of. I have learned through example and the ITTT course that being a teacheris also so much more.|
|A teacher is a role model for her students. She has to lead by example, which means being a teacher is a lifestyle, not simply |
|a job.|
|As I learned in Unit one of this TEFL course, a good teacher must possess a balance of various qualitiesincluding patience, |
|the ability to motivate, a love of helping people learn, the ability to discipline and/or correct effectively, the ability to |
|read her students to anticipate possible problemsand solutions, and the practices of being gentle (non-judgmental) and |
|consistent. This is so much more than “imparting the knowledge of”. While some of these qualities can be learned,...
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