Rol games as learning/teaching tool

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  • Publicado : 9 de marzo de 2011
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Rol Games as an object to develop the interpersonal relationships and education of literature
Juan Alejandro Vidal Burciaga
Matricula no: 247332
Studying Skills first semester
Carla Paola CancinoRioz

Rol Games can be used as an alternative way of teaching?
If Rol games can be used or not, or if it’s a reliable tool that’s something you have to find trough experimentation.
Rol games area interesting kind of games, in this games the most important thing it’s not the technology to play, but the imagination, the creativity of the players, this in my personal point of view can be usedas an alternative way of teaching, and because there is really no limit for the rules you can use made them virtually adaptable to any kind of situation.
Trough many studies already realized by a lotof people, children mostly learn trough playing, if you direct its attention to an specific point, it’s easier for them to focus on what they are doing, and also help them to get along with more kids,this games focus a lot on the mind and imagination of the players.
Use a game as a way to study can be more interesting than giving normal classes, just because trough games people learn more, alsoyou can see how a person really are trough the way he plays.
Trough some studies in people who plays Rol games, and people that don’t play, people who plays shows more understanding trough manyaspects, also uses more his mind than people that not play, also people who not play Rol have more tendency to have psychotic attitudes, than people who does plays, also gaming people tends to have moreattention and more interest in search info, uses more its imagination, and tend to create for himself an habit of lecture and self learning.
What exactly is a Rol Game?
First of all because I’mtalking about a “Rol Game” as a tool for education, I have to explain what is a exactly a Rol Game, this particular kind of game consist in players interpretation of a character they create, in a world...
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