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  • Publicado : 23 de agosto de 2012
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Without a doubt, life is a journey that we undertake from the moment in which our mothers give birth. We open our eyes, we take our first breath and there starts to write a story.

Thisstory is going to take all the data that add you us, at the beginning with the help of our parents and already then us only makers of what will be these pages. These will have love, unrequited love,friendship, betrayal, forgiveness, health, disease, success, obstacles, falls, in the end, all a pack of emotions and situations to know that with a good attitude overcome and enjoy.

There arepeople who come into our lives, even those who have never seen before, but when we find and look, at that time we realize that will affect our lives in a way very deep and immediately know that they arethere for some reason

People that we know that it has to do with our lives and the successes and failures that we spent, help us to realize who we are and who we are going to convert.
We can evenlearn from bad experiences, in fact, they are sometimes the most important.

Sometimes things that can happen to us seem cruel, unjust and painful at the beginning, but then you realize that,without overcoming these obstacles, you would have never discovered your potential, your strength, your will or your value.
Small and large testing, no matter what are occur to test far extends yourcourage, without them life would be a very easy way that does not lead us anywhere, would be safe and comfortable, but boring and totally meaningless.

Why there is that make every day count, takeadvantage of every moment,
learn everything you can, talk to people, listen to what they have to say, love those who love to us as much as we can, forgive us that defiant, betray or break the heart, loveus and be free.

So there is another that set our goals high, keep your head high, because we have the right to do so and believing in us, because if we do not, others will not. We can do what...
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