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  • Publicado : 31 de agosto de 2012
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Seller: good afternoon
Buyer: good afternoon, in what i can hepl you? (put the briefcase on the table) you bring there?
Seller: I have something more valuable than you have been seen in years andin this store
Buyer: show me
(open briefcase)
Seller: I have a lump of rupees coined in 1702 by the son of the man who built the taj mahal, known as the Emperor arancel
I came today because I wasgoing to sell at auction but not sold
Buyer: you know about this?
Seller: were minted in Surat and fell into the sea in 1702, were recovered by Arthur Clark and his partner
Buyer: and has not beenwritten about that??
Seller: yes, have written two books
Buyer: Since I started this business so I wanted one, and this is the king of all
Buyer: as you earn?
Seller: I have made a documentarywith Clark and his family gave me it
Buyer: have signed papers?
Seller: yes, by Clark
Buyer: i believe that is better that we call a expert in the topic
Seller: ok, i’ll be here waitng
Expert: this lump is known as the sunken treasure of the dynasty of the Taj Mahal as it really is the only one who has been linked to the dynasty of taj mahal and has been one of thebest documented findings in history
taj mahal sunken treasure
discober march 22,1961 off sri lanka less that 200 single from wreck are currently for sale most well-known ondia sunken treasure
wereminted in Surat India and then took him to the east by the route of the species, but never arrived, the ship difomitro undio for being a wreck remained under the sea for a long time are in such goodshape why not oxidized. were minted 30 years before the birth of George Washington were more valuable because they were made ​​of silver and he used the people were bronze There have been only threethings well in the world and disappeared in the tsunami and never found again so there are only two

Buyer: thank you very much and I have everything clear, bye

experto: ok, thanks for letting me...