Roman sculpture

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  • Publicado : 25 de abril de 2010
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The art, like means isn´t more that the human faculty of spress the material and the inmaterialthrough of the material, the image or the sounds. However, this go on far beyond of creating a poem, a melody or a picture. Is the same man essense that, I believe thatmanifests through of his work, consciously or unconciously.

At present the portrait in sculpture has been the most outstanding aspect that has differentiated us fromthe Greeks to whom we draw under. According to Ulysses, a sculptor from the city of Rome says: "The sculpture was born to the emperor as a way to show their power andthe idolatry of the people toward him, but today some part of society can enjoy it, its essence and inspiration that leads to see their designs." The new trendssculpture development is work out with materials like bronze and marble, sculptures based on the body of the man's masculinity and women’s femininity, approaching each oneof those attributes in order to relate directly with perfection allusion to the gods.

No doubt the art development, specifically sculpture, is a gateway to theweight of our people through the ages, both for their ability to devise as the perspective in which different concepts are related to the life.

"So it will be," saidUlysses to the concept of transcendence, who also told us: "Recently we are implementing a new art form: the Mosaic. Abstract art based on tapestries and especially inthe painting.”

This art so great is mainly carried out on large flat surfaces such as walls, floors and ceilings, but also adapts to single objects or small panels.
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