Romanticismo y contribuciones de rousseau

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  • Publicado : 12 de septiembre de 2012
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Juan Palacios
Organizational Behavior
19 April 2012
“The Romanticism and the contributions of Rousseau”

Section I

The theme of my research was the Romanticism and the contributions of Rousseau in this era. I chose this topic because I already have a prior knowledge of this subject, and I am interested in the way in which Rousseau contributed very significantly to the ideas that ledto the French Revolution; part of the principles of the Constitution that gave life to the first Republic are due to this philosopher; Romanticism, on the other hand, is the cultural movement that breaks with all stereotypical rule and that puts the emotions and feelings of the author in the execution of his art.

Besides learning about the Romanticism, I specifically want to know moreabout Rousseau's life, his experiences and what motivated him to do such great actions in hope of a sustainable and stress-free environment.

What drew me to this topic was the motivation Rousseau had in trying his best to help society advance in some way; his actions tells us that we are capable of not only helping, but changing our environment in positive ways, for a better living amongourselves, and for the future generations.

Section II

As I kept investigating and reading not only about Rousseau's life, but about his accomplishments, I found out that he was part of the emergence of the State, from a social pact or social contract, in which individuals gave up part of their rights to the State in exchange that the State will safeguard the rights of life, security,freedom and property of each of its members. From this agreement, a power is created over the men that make life in society possible.

I also learned that romanticism is characterized by its delivery to the imagination and subjectivity, freedom of thought and expression and their idealization of nature. Romanticism was a literary movement that domino literature, architecture, painting, andsculptures European since the end of the 17th century until the mid-nineteenth.

For the most part, I have sources emphasizing on Rousseau and on the Romanticism era; nevertheless, they all agree that Rousseau raised revolutionary theories for its time; the principle of equality before the law and the State and among men is a principle conceived by him and simultaneously by the otherphilosopher that matured the great social and political change from the 27th century and that transformed the world forever.

Fortunately, I have not had any problems in my research, and I actually think that projects are not difficult; everything depends on the willingness of the student, and the maturity to put their priorities in order.

Section III

In addition to constructing thetheoretical basis of the State, Rousseau argues that, in the wild, man is altruistic and Pacific but, to survive the elements of nature, joined in society. "Rousseau believed that man was born innately good but that it was society that corrupted man" (Nosotro, R.) That is when the differences of wealth and privilege began, which generated strong antagonisms.

During the Romanticism, it wasRousseau who established the cult of the individual and held the freedom of the human spirit to say 'I feel before you think'. Goethe and his compatriots, the philosopher and critic Johann Gottfried von Herder and the historian Justus Moser, influence on more formal aspects.

They extoled the romantic spirit manifested itself in the popular German songs, Gothic architecture and the worksof Shakespeare, exalts the feelings to the point of justifying the suicide by an unrequited love, and sets a tone and mood imitated by the romantic authors in his works and in his personal life: a tendency to the frenzy, the melancholy, the weariness of the world and self-destruction.

In this way, in the development of the romantic literature of all countries influencing completely in...
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