Romeo and juliet

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Analysis Drama

1. How do you feel about this place ( Romeo y Juliet ) ?

2. Where does is state place ( setting )?
It takes place in the city of Verona is a city in Northerm Italy, capitalof the province of Verona in the Veneto region, near the river Adige.

3. How is it structure ?
In the city of Verona, there are two rival families that keeps old grudge involving as manyfamilies as outside Paris and Mercutio. The only two descendants of each family are Romeo and Juliet for the first time in a meeting and fall in love.The lovers are forced to hide the second time, the thirdtime they marry in secret thanks to Friar Lawrence.

Shortly after the wedding in a clash between Montagues and Capulets killed Romeo's best friend, Mercutio in the hands of the nephew of Capulet,Tybalt, Romeo kills him in revenge for this, the prince condemns Romeo to banishment to Mantua. The fourth time that lovers are consummate their wedding night, Juliet's father planned marriage withthe gentleman Paris. Friar Laurence creates a plan to save the love of Romeo and Juliet, she will drink a potion in a vial that will appear dead for 42 hours, she meets the messenger of Friar Laurenceplan.El fails on the road to warn the plan Romeo This he learns of Juliet's supposed death and decides to return to Verona to die beside the tomb of his beloved.

In the cemetery are Romeo andParis, and Paris face dies, Romeo drinks poison before it avoids Friar Laurence and Juliet wakes up. Juliet awakens and Friar Laurence explains the situation, the guards chase away the Friar and Juliettakes the dagger from Romeo and Friar Laurence suicida.En cemetery tells the story and it finally seems that the families make peace.

4. Name (3) characters
Romeo Montesco: Romeo since he started thestory is romantic love. Main character.
Juliet Capuleto: Este personaje al inicio de la obra se ve como una persona sumisa y obediente. Main character.
Fray Lorenzo: This is a fundamental...