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  • Publicado : 7 de noviembre de 2011
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The icon of endangered species (the symbol of the World Wide Fund for Nature Protection), known as "the national treasure of China" because it lives in the cold, thanks to his hair witch isblack and white, easily withstands winter conditions of their habitat. They feed on leaves and bamboos, but sometimes also of rodents and other small mammals. They are very susceptible to disease andhave a very particular habitat. It is one of the most endangered mammals on the planet.
One of the reasons for their extinction is almost complete reduction of their habitat. Today, thelast free bears live in six villages in southwestern China, these regions are nature reserves, but nearly half of the bears live outside these protected areas. Around 1600 pandas are living in the jungles and188 in captivity, reports show that the number of pandas living in the wild is increasing.
Pandas also suffer from poaching, because their coat is very appreciated, and sometimes they fall into trapsset for other animals. This hunt exists in despite of the punishments imposed by the Chinese government in case of a panda illegally hunting. The reason of the endangered is because of its difficulty toreproduce, because females give birth only once a year to 1 or two pandas. When a panda is going to be born, it came out without fur and the babies are born in late winter so the cold is too high forthem, which is another reason why they die.
China's giant pandas are moving away from extinction thanks to the man is starting to  look concerned and their habitat but are not yet completely safe.Scientists, who study and protect endangered  pandas, are planning to clone panda’s species because it believes it is the only way to save them. Governments and society are facing a great challenge andthat is to save a very important specie.

(s.f) Endangered pandas.
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