Romeo y julieta

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Romeo y Juliet, William Shakespeare. |
Comparison between the work of William Shakespeare ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and the film ‘Romeo y Juliet’ (1996) |
Alejandra Eunice Romero Cervantes |

13/09/2010 |

Main Characters:
1. Romeo Montague
2. Juliet Capulet
3. Mercutio
4. Tybalt Capulet
5. Benvolio Montague
6. Nurse
7. FriarLawrence
8. Montague
9. Capulet
10. Lady Capulet
11. Lady Montague
Romeo Montague
In both as in the film and the book is picture as a young men fall in love of the love, he suffers because Rosaline is not at his reach. He is a very peaceful being that is concentrate in love and romanticism. He can be a peaceful being, also a hero and daring. He is peaceful when he tries to stop thefight between Tybalt and Mercutio. Hero when the anger consumes him with the death of Mercutio. Daring, when he climbs the wall and when he dances with Juliet at the enemy’s house and kisses Juliet.
Also he is immature because he decides to die, I think is coward.
In both cases as he is young he thinks in girls but Juliet will be with him only if he marries her.
Also in both this tragedy startsonly for the psychical attraction, there is no interaction. Just carnal passion between them.
The tragedy starts when the servant of Romeo sees Juliet death. In the movie Fed-EX does not give the package with the letter of the Friar Lawrence telling Romeo the plan and the servant arrives in a car and takes Romeo back to Verona, and behind them you can see Fed-EX trying to deliver the package. Andin the book Friar John can be on time, he is driving a mule and he is very slowly while the servant has a horse and arrives before the Friar John.
Juliet Capulet
In the book of William Shakespeare she is not the innocent little girl that has not get out and knows the outside world. She is very sharp; she knows what she really wants. She plays with the words of Romero in the scene of thebalcony, she is a lot of woman for him and he is just a child. She admits Romeos touch and kisses but she stop him to make him feel more desire, and if he wants her he has to marry her and stop being a child. In the movie this scene is omitted and Juliet remains immaculate, the little girl that plays seek and hide with nurse, pure and innocent. She also wears an angel’s costume. She is always anxious forgetting news of his man. Juliet only wants Romeo because he is handsome she do not know anything about him, but she wants him for her
In the movie is picture as a strong woman when she treats Friar Lawrence and puts the gun on her head. This because of her great depress after Romeo is in exile, after killed Tybalt. Also that night was the only night she spends with her love.
She prefers to diefirst that to marry Paris.
When she sees Romeo laying death next to her she decides to die too. In the book Romeo is the floor, death. Juliet wakes up later and speaks with Friar Lawrence, and he told her that the plan has failed and runs away when he hears voices outside the grave. Juliet takes Romeos dagger and die. In the movie she doesn’t speak with Friar Lawrence, Romeo still have theopportunity to see her alive but he cannot do anything because he already had drink the poison. Juliet took Romeo’s gun and shoots her head.
In both he is picture as a man that never stops speaking, that has a sharp tong, he is always criticizing people and most of the times the clown of the gang. He plays the brave inform of Tybalt, and claims he wants one of the nine lives of the king ofthe cats.
He is kind of envious about Romeo that has everything that he probably wants and desires.
When Romeo climbs the wall, he starts a sarcastic and rude comment about Rosaline, meaning that why Romeo goes to other bed when he has Rosaline, that has a perfect body, and speaks as if he desires her, but he has not any woman by his side and why Romeo has more than one.
He is always laughing...
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