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  • Publicado : 13 de noviembre de 2009
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Alba Erika Guevara


FALL 2009


Romero was a truth story film. It was about a priest that tried to help his poor community but his acts weremissed understanding and unfortunately he got killed. This film was during the votes elections in the Salvador. Unfortunately they were the government was really unfair. The Government put theNational Guard to block the roads so that poor people from the little town wouldn’t make to the polls elections. The Kind of gets involved in all this because many of the priests couldn’t stand that thegovernment were treated the poor very unfair. It was a really bad government because the poor were getting poorer and the rich got richer. The poor community had a lot of respect for their priests butespecially in one “Monseñor Romero”.

During a celebration that the priests were giving ( the Monseñor Romero was in another meeting with the rich people). The National Guard showed up andinterrupted the celebration by killing a lot of people. The priest Grande can’t take ot anymore and showed up at the reunion were the rich people were to talk to Monseñor Romero. He told Monseñor Romero thataround 70 people got killed in that celebration. Padre Grande tried to convince Monseñor Romero that something they had to do. But apparently Romero wasn’t so sure about that. Padre Grande leaved toVarta Aguilares to support and help the people that refused to work for the government.

In the Salvadorian Bishop’s Conference, one of the priest give an opinion that the church must protest aboutthe unjustice that the government is doing but the other don’t wants the church to get involved in politics. But it is a true statement and they want Monseñor Romero to tell the people during mass. Heis not sure even though he asked for that statement he kind of wants to get rid of it.

During one of his journeys, Padre Grande got killed. It was an order send by Armando. The Monseñor Romero...
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