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2 verdades una mentira
Ask each person in the group to think of two true facts about themselves, and one lie.

Each person in the group takes a turn telling the group their three items.

The group then has to agree on which fact they think is a lie. Once the group announces their decision, the speaker tells the group the correct answer. The group then can talk aboutany of the interesting things they just learned about the new person.

Rompe hielos de Chocolate
Put about enough candy in a bowl for each person in the room to take at least 5 pieces, (for larger groups take 3).

After that is done tell everybody they can grab 1-5 pieces of candy.

Each camper then has to tell something about themself for each piece of candy they took. (example: IfClaire took 5 pieces of candy she'd have to tell 5 things about herself.)
Cara a Cara
The leader has the group randomly pair up. Once introductions between partners are made, the leader gives the group a topic to discuss with their partner for 30 seconds or so.

At the end of the time, the leader will call for the group to switch partners and call out a new topic.

Try to choose topics that areboth fun and insightful. Examples include:

"If you could have lunch with anyone from history, who would it be?"
"If you could be granted one wish, what would it be?"
Entrevista silenciosa
Silent Interviews
1. Divide the group into pairs - try to make mix the group into pairs of folks who don't know each other well.

2. Ask the participants to introduce themselves totheir partner.

3. Instruct the group that from this point forward, speaking is not allowed. This includes whispering, mouthing words, and making sounds, too!

4. Inform the group that they must tell their partner 3 things about themselves without speaking, similar to a charades game. These things can not be physical characteristics.

5. Once all of the partners have finished miming toeach other, call everyone back into a circle.

6. Ask for each pair to verbally introduce their partner to the group, as well as the three things that they learned (or think they learned).
10 dedos
This activity is great for the first day or just when ever your group has free time. It works best with more people, and everyone should be honest when playing.

Have everyone sit in a circleor close enough to be able to hear everyone. Tell them to hold up all 10 fingers.

A counselor can start off by stating one fact about themselves. For ex: "I have never been to Florida." or "I have blue eyes."

Then the participants who have been to Florida, or don't have blue eyes, will put one finger down.

This will continue around the circle, having each person share one fact aboutthemselves until someone is all out of fingers.

*Its better to try and use less obvious, unique facts about yourself because there is a chance that more people will have to put a finger down if they can't relate to your fact.

Who ever has the most fingers left at the end of everyones' turn wins!

This is a great way to pass the time and learn about each other while having simple funEqulibrio con un balde
Divide the group into smaller groups of five or six people. If you only have 5 to six people, this activity can become an opportunity to "break" a world's or camp's record for the longest time balancing a pail of water with feet. Everyone removes their shoes and socks. The teams are asked to balance the bucket using only their feet. Their hands must be on the ground at all times.The winning team gets to put on their shoes and socks. The losing team has to remain barefoot and sing a song or do some other silly thing (nothing too embarassing-agree on this before you begin).
One person with a loud voice will stand on a chair or other high place so that they can be seen above the heads of the group. After you have explained the game and everyone is...
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